Yoga for Modern Farmers

Yoga for Modern Farmers


Yoga can help you in many ways to remain fit and energetic. It can cure many chronic diseases. It promotes a healthy a lengthy life as well. Now many people all over the world are trying to get the benefits of the yoga. Farmers are not exceptions. But their yoga style might be a little different from the typical yoga practices. You might think that there is no link between yoga and farming. But now the condition is improving. Many farms are considering yoga sessions to help the modern farmers.

Yoga has the great healing power. It can work well for aches, muscle pain, and back pain that usually farmers experience while working in the fields. They adopt different ways to get rid of the pain. But now they are taking the help of the yoga to reduce the pain and to get the maximum benefits of their time.

Why do farmers need yoga?

People usually believe that yoga is essential for the modern life. Now the people are not involved with more physical activities, and they spend most of the time on the desk. Besides, they do not follow a healthy lifestyle and adequate rest. As the result of unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activities, they go through an awkward phase after a period of time. If they practice yoga, then they mind experience stress-less and relaxed life. But that is not applicable to the farmers as they involve in the physical activities and many of them follow a healthy lifestyle as well.

The farmers spend most of the time on the farming, and much of their operations are same. The same actions put enough pressure on a particular part of the body. They feel exhausted and tired. They experience chronic body pain and back pain. Many of the farmers experience chronic back pain in their young age, even in their twenties. Though they get temporary relief from these pains by the medications, these drugs do not offer them a lasting result. It only reduces the symptoms; it does not address the cause. In this condition, yoga can indeed help them to get rid of those pains permanently. Besides, it creates a proper balance between their body and mind.

Another thing is that the younger farmers usually move around their smaller farms and they involve much in the physical activities. Moreover, they do not take the help of the machinery. They do hard physical activities all the time with a lot bending and squatting. In these situations, yoga helps them to access their core strength and to offer support in the working postures. Yoga will assist them to know which positions can be detrimental to health and which poses can help them to reduce the back pain and can improve the overall system. They do not need to do anything extra. They just need to correct their postures and to adopt different ways to do the same activity. They will have to put equal pressure on the various parts of the body, instead of using a particular part such as the back.

What is the farmer’s yoga exactly?

They do not need some hard workouts and other challenging physical activities. They only need to correct their business. They need to maneuver around their field, change the ways they use the tools, and they need to take some rests. They will find many strength-building poses that can be very helpful with the cyclic process of farming.

farmer-yoga-heroThe primary focus will be to teach the right postures. For example, if they have back pain, they need to concentrate more on the twists. Bent knees can also help. A basic sun salutation will be more helpful if they do not have any idea about the yoga. Besides back, they also feel neck pain and a general tightness in the calves. Farmers use hands and knees for many activities. Hence, it is important to know how to use these parts correctly and how to minimize the pressure from the particular and how to distribute it properly. The basic rule is to take breaks while you need to work in the same position for hours.

Farm yoga is not difficult. You just need to know how to do and when to do. Once you can understand it, you can gradually master this art to get long term benefits. For complete beginners, we recommend taking an online course to build a strong foundation. We like Yoga Burn, and you can read Yoga Burn DVD reviews: Is Her Yoga Secrets Legitimate here. This program teaches yoga, and you can start learning and practicing it at the comfort of your home. Let us know what you think in the comments below!